01 Feb 2019 – Survey – preview – G39

Loved this exhibition featuring work of 15 UK artists. Interesting, diverse and well curated. Inspiring

Chris Alton / Simeon Barclay / Hazel Brill / Flo Brooks / Emma Cousin / Joe Fletcher Orr / Thomas Goddard / Ashley Holmes / Lindsey Mendick / Nicole Morris / Milly Peck / Anna Raczynski / Will Sheridan Jr / Rae-Yen Song / Frank Wasser

g39 is pleased to host Survey, an exhibition presenting new works by 15 early-career artists from across the UK. Initiated by the Jerwood Arts it is their largest review of contemporary visual art practice in 12 years of programming. Survey takes a non-institutional approach to selection with 35 mid-career artists nominating the most promising new artists working today.


01 Feb – CSAD foyer – Tech exhibit

Tom Martin nailed it…

21 – 27 Aug – Final Work

Just a few final tweeks on edits and tightening up the sound. I think visually its come together well and I feel that I’ve managed to incorporate the issues of environmental concerns within the structure of the work successfully.

Our future lies in the mind, 2018 (moving image).

My work explores the relationship between Nature, consciousness and spirituality.

I use the Temple theme symbolically in much of my work. Here the prehistoric stone circle represent one of our earliest forms of organised worship. The stones symbolise our potential to connect with Nature and our capacity to connect with the Cosmos.

The stone circle stands above the Noosphere, the layer of cognition that surrounds the Earth. The Noosphere marks the third stage of the Earth’s evolutionary development and directly represents our global collective consciousness. Chardin described the Noosphere as the biological reality of our thought, not only that our thought is caused by biological interactions but also that our thought and our collective attention feedback on the eco system creating a loop – a collective relationship with the Planet.

We are now at a critical point where we desperately need to reassess that relationship. The consequences of today’s harsh reality of vast global pollution and climate change have created a crisis. We are now challenged to evolve to the next stage of our evolution: the evolution of our minds. This work asks whether it is already too late for us or indeed for Nature.

“Our future lies in the mind; our weary planet’s only hope of survival is that we find ourselves in the mind and make of it a friend that can reunite us with the earth while simultaneously carrying us to the stars.” (McKenna, T. 1992).


21 Aug – Set up exhibition space, test out equipment and film

Spent the day fixing up my exhibition space, setting up the equipment and testing out a test run of my almost-finished film work. It was a good point to do this as I could see where I needed to do some fine-tuning.

15 Aug – Sound

I have begun to add a soundtrack and sampled excerpts from some meditation music that I already had; aptly called sky and clouds by Gulan. I then layered these with my own chords and sounds, sound effects and crashes etc.

07 Aug – Film editing…continued

I began by sourcing footage from documentaries and news clips that specifically reported on the issues at Midway Island. I’m examining ways of integrating this footage and have already been looking at the techniques used by Rachel Rose in her own work.

I don’t want the work to appear like a documentary so I’m being selective with the found footage,  I have to consider the overall integrity of the work and don’t have a lot of time to experiment!
I’ve incorporated some interesting glitching transitions using blurring and colour distortion techniques inspired by those created in A minute ago by Rachel Rose.The idea here is to create some kind of distortion that would invoke an unsettling feeling but to also avoid making the sequence too literal.

Chris Jordan – Turning powerful stats into art

Powerful talk!